Coping With a Summer Away from Bloomington

Never thought that I would say this next sentence, but here it is: Summer is kind of on my sh*t list right now. Anyone who knows me, knows that summer and I have always had a very passionate relationship, more so on my side, but still, an intense love. There's nothing I enjoy more than long days, warm nights, and a nice tan... except Bloomington. Which brings me back to the subject of why summer has gained a place on my sh*t list.

Summer struck IU on May 4th, 2012, in a hot, angry wave. In an act of passion it forced me out of Bloomington, and ultimately away from my other love, IU. After moving back to South Bend, I immediately began to miss the little things that I took for granted while living in my cozy, little dorm on Fee Lane. Things like Mamadu's hello's and mysterious puddles of unknown substances found on the sidewalks on a Sunday morning. In an effort to relive my glory days, I decided to write about all of the small things I miss the most about my freshman year. 

Food Courts

Some may say that Gresham and I got off on the wrong foot. I had a weird bowl of spaghetti, and the rest is history. It took months until I was really able to eat there again, and then there I was, a regular at the Flamingo Grill. After being home for about a month, I have come to realize that I am incapable of making a meal for myself. I blame dining halls such as Gresham. To all of you incoming freshman out there, eat as much as you can while at school. Any weight gained during that period will be lost once you come home and are forced to make your own meals. 


Although they were less then thorough, and our showers rarely drained, the janitors did change our toilet paper, and, on occasion clean the toilets. Even though I used to complain about the overflowing trash cans, I have begun to miss the presence of a janitorial staff. Mostly because my mother forces me to change my own toilet paper and clean my own toilet. Before I went to school, I did not mind cleaning the Porcelain Throne, but after being spoiled by the random toilet cleanings, I find cleaning toilets on a regular basis to be quite challenging, which is why my own bathroom has started to resemble that of a dorm. 

Being a Freshman

While you have absolutely no seniority on campus, there are some advantages to being a freshman. Like when you get lost going to class, and you arrive 20 minutes late. Entering the classroom, your professor turns to lecture you about tardiness. Looking at him with your big, freshman doe eyes, you just shrug your little shoulders and say "I'm a freshman," and he forgets his lecture, and welcomes you to el clase de espanol. Little does he know that my tardiness was not caused by my freshman inexperience, but rather due to the fact that the sense of direction gene eluded me at conception. The ability to use the "I'm a freshman" excuse was invaluable, and got me out many embarrassing moments. Now these moments will no longer be "freshman moments", but really, just embarrassing moments. Never again will I be able to use the "I'm a freshman" excuse. I am jealous of those of you who can.

My Endless Amount of Clothing

I went into college thinking that I would grow and develop into a useful member of society. Unfortunately, I believe that I have taken a few steps backwards since entering, and have actually managed to become even more worthless. As if my lack of cooking knowledge and directional capabilities weren't enough, I can no longer dress myself. Accessorizing has become a daily struggle, and finding a complete outfit within the confines of my own closet is near impossible. While living in the dorm, I always had at least one other person helping me get dressed every time we went out. And if they weren't physically there to help me put an outfit together, I was stealing various pieces from their closet to complete it myself. While living at home, I often find myself in tears, lying on my bedroom floor, trying to pick out what to wear. (OK, the tears aren't true, but there is a lot of anger and frustration there.) I have, on more than one occasion, sent pictures to friends to see if I could wear an outfit. Yes, I am that girl. 

Plastic Cutlery

Well to be a little bit more specific, it's not the plastic forks and spoons that I miss the most, but rather the thrill of stealing 20-30 pieces at a time and successfully making it out of the dining hall, and into my room, without anyone noticing. Don't get me wrong, it's been really nice never running out of spoons since I've been home, but I do miss the little adrenaline rush I got each time I stuck another handful of forks into my pocket. 

To all of my fellow Hoosiers out there who also suffer from the pains of a Summer away from Bloomington, I hope that this post will help you remember the "good life," and cope with the long, IU-less days ahead. 57 days until welcome week, my friends.

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