How To: Survive Finals Week

16 weeks of classes down. You have made it through the papers, quizzes, and tests. Now what is left? Finals. This week is long, tiring, and just not fun. Here are a few tips to keep you sane and help you pass your classes at IU. 

1. Make a Schedule

Most of you will have three to five finals this week. You want to make sure you devote enough study time for each class. It is easy to wait to study for your hardest class until the last minute. A way to avoid this problem is to create a study schedule. Set a specific time for each class. Spend two to three hours on one and then switch to another. The schedule will also help you stay on task.

2. Take Breaks

Some of you will want to study continuously all day, but my advice is to take breaks. Study for four hours and then reward yourself. Watch a 30 minute TV show or call a friend from back home. A 30 to 60 minute break can go a long way.

3. No Snacking

Studying and snacking do not go together. If you study while having your hand in a bag of Gold Fish, you are probably more focused on the crackers. Instead, drink water and chew gum. The water will keep you hydrated and the gum can keep you distracted if you cannot resist doing two things at once. 

4. Sleep

I have pulled all nighters and have then proceeded to fall asleep during the final. All nighters are not worth it, trust me. You know yourself the best, if you need a full eight hours of sleep to function, then make sure to get those eight hours the night before the test. If four hours works for you, then keep studying late. Just make sure you are not too tired to take the test.

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Looking at white walls in Wells for 10 hours can get really boring. A little fresh air can help you re-focus and relax. Yes it is cold outside, but the fresh air can cheer you up and put a smile back on your face. 

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