From Disney World to Study Abroad - Taylor's Spring Break Experience

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I set out on the road to Florida in hopes of a great spring break in Disney World! Everyone tries to claim it is a 15 hour trip from my hometown Evansville, IN to Orlando, but we made it in 12. We stayed consistent with the traffic so I have no idea how everyone else takes so long. We eagerly arrived Monday and left Friday with smiles on our faces!

We had something special we did each day we were there. Monday, because we had arrived that day, we did various small activities like exploring around our hotel, exploring Downtown Disney, and playing miniature golf. Tuesday we drove to Daytona to meet up with a few friends of mine on the beach for the typical "fun in the sun" day. We ended up having to drive back to Orlando around 1 in the morning and passed out immediately when we got back because we had tickets to Magic Kingdom in the morning! We spent the entire day roaming around Magic Kingdom and still didn't see it all. We mostly looked around the entire park, but only road the rides we were really interested in. They had the usual parades throughout the day and we stopped to see the electric lights parade and Wishes show at night. I could not be anymore amazed by Wishes. The things they did were absolutely incredible! By the time we left the park, again, it was late and we had a big St. Patrick's Day celebration in Downtown Disney to check out on Thursday. Aside from how amazing Downtown Disney is to begin with, they had people walking around on stilts in costumes, head to toe green human statues, numerous musical street performances, and street bars everywhere. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and we finished off our night with dinner at Planet Hollywood.

The vacation surpassed what I expected! It really brought me back to my childhood and was truly magical. The only problem was, I didn't get any extra sleep over my spring break. :( :( :( However, I do plan to return several times in the future. Additionally, I got my acceptance letter to study abroad next semester. So, I may be blogging from Adelaide, Australia next fall!

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