The Most Spring You've Ever Seen or Your Money Back (IU style)

The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful, and students are hanging out in the sun. SPRING has arrived! This year, spring has been the bearer of good news. Along with the great weather, IU basketball made it all the way to the sweet 16! This is amazing considering a few years ago when I was a freshmen we had a terrible season :(. I am proud of our players and I'm sure they will only get better.

On top of my usual homework and school burdens, I have been swamped with setting everything up for my semester in Australia next year. I'm sure all this extra work will be well worth it though! I have heard that studying abroad is incredible and one of the best decisions students have made. In fact, the only negative comment I have heard is that people wish they had planned to study abroad longer. A few points that I am oddly excited about, I'm here this spring, then summer break, then in Australia next semester during their spring semester (opposite seasons), and then I will be finishing off my senior year here at IU in the spring, again. Additionally, my birthday will be in the spring this year as well, instead of fall! I love the fall, but it is just exciting to experience my birthday in a different season for once.

IU has always been an amazing university and campus, but it has always been even better, even more exciting, even more beautiful, in the spring.

P.S. I 'title wizarded' the hell out of that title.

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