On the Road Again!

After two weeks of busy hell, I finally got a week off, SPRING BREAK!! I am currently on my way back to IU to finish the last few weeks of my junior year. I always look at the few weeks after Thanksgiving and Spring Break as the downhill finish of a semester. Like most people, I had a great break away to recover from school and to get prepared to finish the year.

My girlfriend and I took a nice little road trip to Orlando, FL to spend Spring Break at Disney World. I am 21-years-old and this was my first time visiting, but I can proudly say I absolutely loved everything (except prices of course)! I promise to dedicate my next post to my actual vacation. :) 

For now though, I have tons of emails and things to take care of now that Spring Break over. ALWAYS check and keep up with your emails, IU doesn't joke around with the numbers of emails they send!!!

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