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Being college students, we are all commonly asked about our majors. I used to give a quick "Biology B.S. Premed" response until I actually sat down and thought about it. Every student at IU, and any other university, have a general major in common, PreSuccess. Success, not referring to fat wallets and fancy whips, but to a happy life and career that we enjoy.

Volunteering at the Buddy Walk 2011!My name is Taylor Duff and I am a junior here at Indiana University. As I previously mentioned, my major is currently PreSuccess, but like with every other college student, that is always subject to change, NOT! (I'm a 90's baby, don't you miss it?). I spent my freshman year like most other freshmen, not doing most of my work and putting in very little effort. This all changed however, when I took a good look at my GPA and got down to business. Now I spend the majority of my time (morning - bedtime) doing some kind of work that may tickle the fancy of a medical school admissions member. This includes a handy study technique called shoving very complex science down my girlfriend's throat to better understand it myself. I attend the usual full time classes while being an undergraduate teaching assistant for Prof. Kumar's molecular biology course and working on a little undergraduate research in his lab as well. Premed is quite a stressful undergraduate career with very little social connections outside of the "Premed world", but it is what I chose, it is what I want to do, and I will not substitute it for anything else.

Outside of school I do find the occasional bit of free time to have a little fun (or force myself to take free time whether I can afford it or not). I usually find this time on the weekend or maybe during a half an hour break between classes when I tell myself, "there is no way I can get anything done in this amount of time, except a nap!" I like to spend this time getting away from reality and stress by playing some Xbox :) (I may talk a little more about this another time).

Another, very very very important, activity I do at IU is consistently go to the gym (even on exam weeks and finals week!). College... is... very... stressful and it is unbelievable the effects a little regular physical activity can have on you. Plus it helps dragging all those big expensive text books around campus all day!

These few things make up my entire undergraduate career, but not my undergraduate experiences. Now if only I could find time to eat and sleep...

T. Duff

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