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Choosing a college is easily considered one of the most daunting tasks of senior year. Beginning with the lengthy and seemingly never-ending college application process, the countless early morning SAT’s, and struggling to attach that stubborn transcript via Parchment. After surviving the applications, the wait for the letter is on. Whether it be the daily sprint to the mailbox, constantly refreshing your inbox searching for an Office of Admissions email update, or for us Hoosiers obsessively signing into One Start.

Although, November and the college application frenzy seems like a lifetime ago, I still remember receiving my acceptance from Indiana University. It was November 25th two days before Thanksgiving. I was doing my usual One Start sign in, expecting to read the same statement I had seen nearly fifty times, “We are currently evaluating your application.”, but instead read a “Congratulations you’ve been admitted to Indiana University. Welcome to the Hoosier family.”

This “ordinary” One Start notice oddly enough had much to do with my decision to attend I.U. Growing up in a small northern Indiana town, I’ve always imagined attending one of the large Indiana state schools, but the distinct difference between I.U. and the other public Indiana universities (including the West Lafayette rival) is its personalization and accommodations to students. I truly felt like I was being “welcomed” to the Hoosier family. 

With such a large campus and student body of nearly forty thousand, I.U. has put in the effort to create a family-like and inviting environment to their students, regardless of how many of them there are. From the decorative chevron and crimson #IUSaidYes envelopes to the holiday greeting cards that were sent. Indiana University offers great educational opportunities, a beautiful campus, and widely recognized programs, but most importantly a family. A home away from home. 

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