Up Close And Personal With The IU Hoosiers

Indiana basketball is a huge part of a student's experience at Indiana University.

Last week, I was given the unique opportunity of sideline reporting for WTIU at the Indiana vs. Michigan State basketball game.

When I first arrived at Assembly Hall, my photographer and I set up a camera and tripod in the media room. This was to ensure a spot for the press conference occurring right after the game. 

My photographer stood on the court during the game and took b-roll of the game. Meanwhile, I sat at the media table, which is located right behind the basket and the Marching Hundred band. My responsibility was to take notes throughout the game and tweet for Indiana Public Media at the same time. I made sure I was constantly updating WTIU's twitter account with the latest game highlights and the score. I also was in charge of taking several still pictures of the "stripe-out," the crowd, and the game itself.

Immediately following the game, we went to the media room for the much anticipated press conference. Cody Zeller, Christian Watford and Verdell Jones III quickly filed into the room. For the next 15 minutes, the three players took their turn answering questions from the local and national media.

Senior Verdell Jones said that the team carried a new attitude into the MSU game.

"We played well today and I just think our mindset is a lot different right now," he said.

Next up was Coach Tom Crean. Crean started off by thanking the wonderful student body for their school spirit.

This specific game made the history books...

"It was the first time in the history of Indiana that an Indiana team has won three top five games in the regular season. So that’s something they can all take with them and that’s remarkable considering where we have been,” said Crean.

Finally, Jordan Hulls and Victor Oladipo joined the press conference for some last comments.

Overall, the sideline reporting experience was a highlight of my sophomore year. It was a great way to connect with other media correspondents. 

I took all of the notes and the b-roll that my videographer shot and used it to produce a package story for WTIU's news break at 5:55 p.m. 

This is another reason why internships are so important during college. Being apart of WTIU has allowed me to report on things that I wouldn't get anywhere else. WTIU also acknowledges the hard work and time that each intern puts into his/her internship and rewards them accordingly.

Click below to watch my full package story...

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