Need An Internship? Check out WTIU.

I'm a broadcast journalism major. I know that in this particular industry, one needs a lot of experience in order to get noticed by potential employers. During my first year at Indiana University, I knew that I needed to get involved on campus. Like I always say, "whatever you put into your college experience is what you're going to get out of it." 

One day while I was in my JOUR-J 110 class, Sara Wittmeyer, news director at WTIU and WFIU, came in to talk to my class about the internship opportunities her workplace had to offer. WTIU is the PBS affiliate and WFIU is the NPR affiliate on campus. She told my class that students were able to apply for a semester internship. Responsibilities would include writing, editing, and producing a radio story for WFIU with the occasional news package story for WTIU. This immediately grabbed my attention. What a better way to get broadcast experience? So, I immediately applied and got the internship.

It's been almost two years since I first started at WTIU. In the beginning, I would write radio stories for WFIU and had the rare opportunity of producing more than four news package stories during my first few months at WTIU. I got the rare opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with John Mellencamp. That package story went on to win me a SPJ award for "Best Feature Story." 

My loyalty and dedication to WTIU has led me to the position of anchoring for WTIU's Newsbreak. Currently, I am the only student anchor for WTIU. I am blessed that my family is also able to watch my anchoring from their own home. WTIU is shown throughout Indiana.

If any of you are broadcast journalism majors, I highly recommend this internship. You can intern for a semester or even two years--like me! Go to and find out more information.

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