Life As A Campus Representative for Lenovo

I am one of two campus representatives for Lenovo. If you don't know, Lenovo is a personal technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets desktop and notebook computers and other related products and services.

As a campus representative, I am responsible for encouraging students to create video submissions to enter the Tech Trip Sweepstakes. I am required to obtain 45 video submissions total over the course of the program, which is eight weeks long.

Over the course of eight weeks, I will manage one event each week, conduct a minimum of 40 peer-to-peer presentations per week, and maintain a log.

If you love forward thinking technology, have a shiny toy syndrome, or want to work for one of the largest computer companies in the nation, then read further to discover Lenovo’s 2nd Annual Tech Trip Sweepstakes happening now until May 4th. This Tech Trip sweepstakes gives students the opportunity to step off campus and get their foot in the door in the IT/business world. Three college students will win a rare chance to go inside today's biggest tech corporations-Lenovo, Intel and a mystery company. It's an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the scenes, team up and take on challenging assignments. The winners will receive a one-week, all-expense paid trip to each of the corporation headquarters and take home laptops and other cool tech prizes.

If you want more information about the Tech Trip, visit the Lenovo for Students Facebook page:

If you’re interested in submitting a video, please email me at

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