The Power of Time

What can time do?

This is not the typical stereotypical blog that you would normally see on a page like this. In context, it is from a religious man and the message is religious by nature, but for the adaptability of the message for people of different or no religious background, I will keep the religious factors to a minimum. A pastor spoke two days ago at a conference in Sydney, Australia that I happened to be attending with a couple of my friends who convinced me to go. It was the Hillsong Sydney Conference 2014 (pictured below). I went and the message that Bill Hybels spoke about was not a normal message about religion or the Bible. It was on the subject of time. In my mind, I was thinking, "why do I care?" Slightly interested, I began to pay attention. He explained that time is something that will show where your heart and intentions lay. Let me explain.

Choose your priorities?

The big message that Bill said was not that there is not enough time in the day, but that it was always taken up by things that we deem more important than others. For example, one day about 20 years ago, he was leaving the house to go to a meeting at church. While walking out the door, his young daughter turned to him and said, "are you going to be gone again tonight?" On his way to the church, he thought of why he was even going to the meeting. His only explanation? It was on his calendar. That was it. He didn't really need to be there. That was when he started thinking of his priorities -- his family. If he wanted his family raised in the Christian background he so desired, he would have to lead by example by being there for them. 

What is on your calendar?

His recommendation is that if you want to be a different person, all you need to do is to put it in your calendar. Scratch in 15 minutes, find a quiet place or a nice chair, and let your mind search for what you want to happen. It may not happen overnight. It just won't happen overnight. He said to spend 15 minutes to pray and be with God, but for those who are not religious, use it to reflect on what you want most in your life and how to get it. Also, he said to place those things in your life that are important as a priority in your schedule.

What's the moral?

Schedule into your life the person you want to be. Whether it be a professional athlete, a doctor, or just a better friend or family member. Make time for what is important to you.

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