Small Town Doesn't Mean Small Success


Being one who grew up in the small town, the big city seemed like an impossible task. I grew up in a small southern Indiana town (pictured right) with a population of about 10,000 people, or so I think. People generally think of success as where you live or the expensive things you have. Although nice, that isn't what my parents taught me to believe. They taught me that as long as you are hard working and love your neighbor as yourself, then great things will happen to you. They couldn't have been more right. I worked hard in school, and got into the wonderful Indiana University, where I made many new friends and found that my future is not in the hands of where I am from or who my family is, but what I have done and will continue to do.

Your town sounds like it sucks?

Ummmm yea? I thought it did my entire life.... until I got to college, and I didn't realize how much I would miss this view (pictured below) until I left that little town that I called home. There are always the ups and the downs of living in a small town. I have learned that my success could only have been reached by the lessons I learned from living in that small town. Like most small towns, people register your success as having a lot of money or owning a lot of land. I used to see it that way, but I don't anymore.

Say Whaa?

Why am I successful? How does that matter in the real world? Well, let me tell you. I started in that small town, went to Indiana University, received an ROTC contract, and am typing this from my summer office in Sydney, Australia (pictured below). Once again, it isn't about where you are from or what life gives you. Take what you get, sit it in it's chair, and tell it who the boss is. Success is in your head. I don't have to have a lot of money to be successful. All I need are my friends, family, and faith, and absolutely nothing can stop me. Just keep all this in mind when choosing classes, and during welcome week. This time in your school career has a bigger influence than you may think. Make yourself happy by being you and being around those that you care for and vice versa.


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Logan HunterStudent

Hey all,

I'm going to give a little more than what is in the sidebar. My name is Logan Hunter, and at this point, I have been a student at IUB for the past two years and still have two to go. I study International Studies with a focus of Security, Diplomacy, and Governance, with a focus on Eastern Europe and the Russian and German Languages respectively. I am a member of the ROTC and the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. I am typically an open book for information of just about anything! If you need anything or just wanna chat, feel free to chat me up by whatever means you see fit. 

Just a small town Indiana kid trying to make a big difference.


Logan Hunter