Printing Run Arounds: How It Works At Wells Library

The first time that I tried to print anything at IU was at Wells Library. I thought oh no big deal, it will wirelessly print and it will be a piece of cake. Think again my incoming freshman; here is one of the biggest things they don't tell you during orientation. When you print you have to go to a second computer right by the printer and log-in. You have to select the job and then press print. When I was at Wells I kept wondering why so many people were going to the same exact computer, so of course I followed the crowd and low and behold that is where the magic happens. They have this system in place so that IU can keep count of your pages. Trust me after reading this you will be smarter than half your incoming class, hopefully this will make for one less instance that you truly look like you have FRESHMAN stamped across your forehead. I'll keep the tips coming!

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