Getting to Know Me

Hey everybody my name is Samantha Stutsman, I am a freshman studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I am a Bloomington native so I know quite a bit about the town, and no I don't mind being called a "Townie!" I currently am beginning my work at the IDS, I play intramural volleyball, and I also blog for a website called HerCampusIU. I am also a Media Scholar through the Journalism school, it is a group that has really helped me connect more to campus and to my major. Over the course of this year I have already had dinner with the Dean of the Journalism school, listened to a panel of magazine editors from NY, and taken a field trip to the Super Bowl Village. When it comes to stuff off campus I work part time for my parents who own a resturant in Nashville, Indiana about 30 minutes from here. It's called the Artists Colony Inn and we have the best home cooking in the area, I wait tables at the restaurant and love every minute of it. I chose to come to IU because it was close to home, the campus is absolutely beautiful in an season, and the Journalism school is one of the best in the country. I wouldn't want to be anything but a HOOSIER! On another note I am a fashion guru and love shopping every chance I get, especially online thanks to the speed of IU Wifi. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my friends watching movies, going to parties, and eating all the junk food our meal points will allow. I am a huge fan of IU basketball and you can bet if I'm not in front of the TV watching the game, that I am checking updates on my iPhone. I am an avid social media user so follow me on twitter @samy_sweethart! I hope you enjoy my blog, I look forward to sharing my wild experiences at IU with all of you! 

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