Freshman Frenzies We Like to Call Welcome Week

Number one rule of Welcome Week, participate in what you are interested in! There are a lot of activities to choose from and there are so many call out meetings that you couldn'y possibly attend them all. Don't base everything off of what your friends are doing, you don't want to miss out on something that you may really enjoy. My suggestions are to attend the REC FEST; it is chalk full of free stuff and information on how to get active. Attend TRADITIONS AND SPIRIT OF IU at Assembly Hall, this is when you really get a chance to bond with your class. There is a lot about IU that you don't know as an incoming freshman, is this is an opportunity to show some spirit, learn the fight song, and become acquainted with IU athletics. Go to the TASTE OF THE UNION! Eat your way through all of the food stops in the Union and even take samples to- go so you can snack later. Along with all the fun stuff make sure that you take advantage of the advisor meetings, school meet and greets and information sessions. Some may be drawn out but it will give you a sturdy sense of what is expected of you and what to expect when it comes to the upcoming weeks of school! My last suggestion for Welcome Week is to attend the CRU call out meeting. It is a Christian Crusades group that meets once a week for a large worship service. if you want to thrive in your faith on campus it is completely possible. All I have to say is take advantage of what IU has to offer, and most importantly bond with your floor mates in your dorm! It makes life a lot easier to have best friends right down the hall rather than clear across campus, trust me. Welcome Week is just the start of it all so start preparing yourselves! 


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