Don't Hate on Forest Dorm at Indiana University Bloomington

Hey all! Just wanted to throw my two cents in about living in the dorms. I lived in Forest my freshman year and I'm here to tell you that it is not what everyone makes it out to be! Once I got my placement I was really weary about living so far from the stadium and the dorms in Northwest that are known for being the social area of campus. However nobody tends to realize that the majority of academics takes place near 3rd Street which Forest is on! The bus stops directly in front of the dorm and that made my trek to class so much easier, plus the bus was almost always comfortably empty because it was one of the first stops on the route. Being in the Southeast neighborhood also gives you the greatest food advantages. There are tons of places near Forest (The Bistro, Wilikie, Union Street) to eat unlike Northwest who have a hike to make if they want a change in variety. My advice is to get to know people on your floor, they are your family for the year and your immediate connection as to what is going on on campus. You will hate any dorm if you choose to be anti-social. Stay up late with your floormates, have movie nights, utilize your common area, and maybe just maybe play a few pranks on your RA. Oh and don't sweat living on the east side of campus away from Jordan and the extension (Frats and Sororitites), you'll find rides and there is rarely a dull night on 3rd Street. Have a blast this year and make sure to hit up The Bistro in Read a couple times a week! Keep Calm and Go Hoosiers. 

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