Media Floor Unites Students With Similar Interests

When I applied to IU, I didn’t know any other students. I was excited to meet new people, but when I saw the option of living on a media-themed floor, I thought it was a great idea. This way I would get to know people that are interested in media, and we automatically have something in common.

Living in the Media Living Learning Center was probably the best idea I had. Right away I knew people that were in my classes and had people to walk to the School of Journalism with. But the floor wasn’t only journalism majors. There were some telecommunications majors and some people that just liked media, but had no interest in majoring it. It was really nice having a mixture on the floor and in the entire building. I never felt like I was only socializing with journalism students.

The Media Living Learning Center also gets you connected to the journalism school from the start of freshmen year. There’s a one-credit class that’s required for everyone living on the floor that’s taught in the school, and media village students are occasionally invited to meet speakers and have lunch with experts.

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