Review: Restaurants of Woodland Soft Opening

Forest Quad residences rejoiced as the much anticipated Restaurants of Woodland dining hall finally opened this month.


When you've finally reached your burrito and pizza max, Woodlands offers wholesome gourmet meals. The food is prepared in front of you and to your liking. Woodlands offers Italian, Mexican, Asian, and American, breakfast cuisine. Not to mention, Starbucks coffee and Bloomingberry frozen yogurt! The selection at the c-store or El Bistro doesn't even compare to the variety and quality of Woodlands.


Granted, it was the soft opening so the service was a little scattered. It's what you'd expect for it being every employees first day on the job. What was most impressive was the staff's service with a smile attitude. Every staff member greets you, thanks you and sends you off with a "have a great day!" 


The openness of the floor to ceiling windows gives Woodlands more of a restaurant feel than a cafeteria. It offers large, round tables, counter top seating and booths. The Round coffeehouse is also furnished with comfy couches surrounding a fireplace, perfect for studying or enjoying a latte with friends.

Overall, the Woodlawns cafeteria exceeded expectations and was worth the wait.

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Lindsay Moore

Lindsay Moore is a student at Indiana University, majoring in journalism. She is a Media Scholar and part of  the Media Living Learning Community Leadership Council. Medill Cherubs '12