How am I supposed to manage my time?

It is the beginning of the semester, I am finally starting to get bogged down with work, I still want to have some resemblance of a social life, and there are so many meetings to go to! We all want to be involved, we all want to get good grades, but we also want to have some fun. How in the world are we supposed to manage all of that? You probably thought I was going to answer that question for you huh? Well I hate to break it to you but, that wasn't really my intention here. That's because I don't know the answer. 

Everyone is starting this school year with completely different experiences and backgrounds. We all have our unique ways of managing stress and coordinating all of our commitments. Usually, I am pretty good about these things but this year started off kind of rough for me where time management was concerned. I was just so unmotivated. It might have been because I was coming off a pretty crazy summer with New Student Orientation and I still felt that I needed/deserved some downtime that I never really got. Maybe it was because I was getting used to this new job as an RA. Whatever the reason, these first couple weeks were spent trying to catch up, which is really sad if you think about it. We have barely even gotten started. It took one Sunday night of staying up until 2am because I had put off all my work that weekend to realize that I had to get back in the swing of things. No matter how much I felt I needed to still be on summer break, I had to face the fact that the semester had started and I was here in the middle of it.                                                             


(This is a picture of my planner from that week...AH!)

The next day, I woke up and got myself organized. I looked at all the commitments I had for that week and wrote every single thing down. I went through my email and cleaned out my inbox. I started working on homework before 8:00pm. And the craziest thing happened...I had some time to watch a movie with some friends! I wasn't up in the middle of the night trying to finish that last assignment because I had taken care of it earlier that day between my 9:30 class and my 2:30 class. I also got to go was a miracle! Ok maybe that's a little over the top but it felt very good to get back to the way things should be.

I apologize if this post isn't what you thought it would be. I wish I could give you a straight answer to time management but I just can't. All I can do is share my experiences and let you know what works (or doesn't work) for me. Time management is not easy. Even the most type-A people out there have trouble with it occasionally. I can't tell you how you can manage your time because that totally depends on who you are and your style of getting things done. However, I highly encourage you to figure it out soon. If you are already starting to fall behind, this semester is going to be tough. Do whatever you need to do to adjust to your new environment and get yourself organized. Your system doesn't have to make sense to everyone just as long as it makes sense to you. Almost all of us are going through the same thing so don't hesitate to ask for help. I have faith in you all! Do work!

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Feel free to get in touch with me through email ( I also have a twitter if that's more your style (@LindenSpalding). See you around campus!

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Linden SpaldingSpeech and Hearing Sciences Class of 2014

Hi there! My name is Linden Spalding. I am a Senior from New Albany, IN and I am studying Speech and Hearing Sciences here at Indiana University. I work as a Resident Assistant in one of the residence halls on campus and I absolutely love my job! I also serve as a Hoosier Guide which is part of our Student Ambassador program through the Office of Admissions. I show prospective students and their families the campus and tell them why I love IU! This summer, I also worked for New Student Orientation as a Student Coordinator. It was so much fun working with the OTeam and getting to meet all the new students and their families! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you! Go Hoosiers!