Indiana University Dorm Life: How Sweet It Is

I see a lot of posts on WeAreIU about dorms and dorm life, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. With move-in just three short weeks away, it's really hard for me to think of anything other than the fact that I'm going to be back in my favorite place in the world very, very soon. Here's a quick review on my freshman year dorm, along with a list of some of my favorite perks about living in the dorms. 


To put it simply, Foster Quad is really, really great. I have minimal to no complaints. The rooms are a good size, they're carpeted, the closets are suprisingly large and roomy, and the location is fabulous. You are right next to Gresham food court and the Crimson Creamery, and the McNutt c-store is just a walk across the street. There's easy access to Kelley, Wells library, several bus stops, and Assembly Hall/Memorial Stadium. The SRSC is also a fairly short and easy walk away, so no excuses for not staying fit! Also, the walk to central and south campus isn't too bad at all, and you get to walk through the gorgeous arboretum too. What could be better?

My only real qualm about Foster is the trek up Fee Mountain (excuse me, Fee Lane) on a hot winter or summer's day, but hey, at least it's burning calories.

As you probably have heard, the social life in Foster is excellent as well. Most of the people who live there are highly sociable, friendly, and love their weekend nights. There are a lot of Kelley students, so you have an awesome work hard, play hard mentality flowing steadily throughout much of the dorm. 

While all the dorms at IU are awesome (seriously! I know people who lived in just about every dorm freshman year), Foster is a definite winner and basically a guarantee for a fun, crazy, and fulfilling first-year dorm experience.

This is our room in all of its "just moved in" glory. Naturally, it did not stay this clean for long. 


1) Dorming is like a 24/7 sleepover. You are basically never alone. There's always someone to go to the food court to grab a bite to eat with, someone to walk to class with, and someone to stay up late studying with. 

2) No curfew! IU understands that we are all responsible, mature college students, so we are lucky enough to have very few restrictions on what we can and cannot do in the dorms. Obviously you have your R.A. to serve as a facilitator and watchdog figure for the floor, but R.A.'s are generally nice and understanding and unlike your parents, they won't yell at you for coming home at 2 a.m.

3) Late-night Pizza X. Anyone who hasn't ordered Pizza X past midnight with their floor hasn't enjoyed a true IU freshman year experience.

This was my first-ever out of MANY late-night Pizza X adventures. Naturally, being the sentimental person I am, I had to take a photo.

4) Proximity to classes and the rest of campus. This is such a blessing. Most IU dorms are located within a very reasonable walk to campus, or they have a bus stop right outside of them for cold days or those days when you just don't feel like walking. 

Sometimes I would be so in awe of IU's beauty while walking to class that I would feel compelled to stop in my tracks to take a photo. Above are two examples. 

5) C-STORE! Okay so I think the c-stores were my absolute FAVORITE thing about the IU dorms. They're basically like the IU version of a mini-mart where you can stock up on candy, frozen foods, ramen, soda, gum, cereal, and other essential highly caloric foods, along with toiletories and other necessities. You pay for everything with your I-bucks, so no need to squander your limited poor college student resources. There's at least one of these stores located in each neighborhood, but my favorite ones were the McNutt and Willkie c-stores. (The long trek to Willkie is worth it, trust me!)

6) Getting ready together is almost just as much fun as going out itself. We blasted music on an iHome in the bathroom while doing our hair and makeup, raided each other's closets for something to wear, and took pictures together before going out.

7) Every floor has a lounge with desks, couches, and tables/chairs. Our floor lounge became our favorite spot to study, hang out, eat pizza, and watch movies and away IU basketball/football games. It was kind of like a living room and had a very family-esque, homelike atmosphere. 

8) The MMM! MMM is basically a fancy name for the RPS libraries (the acronym stands for Movies, Music, and More... cute, right?) that are located in every single dorm. There's a broad selection of movies, books, magazines, music, and other media at each one. They are completely free of use to RPS residents and you definitely are not only restricted to the MMM in your dorm, so be sure to take advantage! 

9) RA's, community mentors, CUEs, and other dorm staff work really hard to put on various events/activities for their residents throughout the year. These comprise nearly everything from pancake dinners during finals week to movie nights to s'mores outside to educational sessions about studying abroad. While I know a lot of you probably feel as though you're too old for planned activities, I promise that they are a lot of fun and you won't be the only one in attendance... so take advantage of the fun times and social atmosphere and go! 

I'll leave you with some poorly-shot photographs of the seasons changing outside my dorm window. As you can tell, I found Bloomington weather quite fascinating. (I still do!) 

Looks like I never took a spring photo... whoops.

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