Say Ah for IU Dance Marathon!

Say Ah 

Cover by Tessa Angermeier

IU Dance Marathon Idol Contest

With the IU Dance Marathon right around the corner, there have been many events going on to benefit the organization. This past week, Buffalouie's held the IUDM Idol. This is a contest for Dance Marathon participants to sing their hearts out to become the 2012 IUDM Idol. Many proceeds at Buffalouie's went towards the organization to help the kids out at Riley Hospital. 

This is a video of singer Tessa Angermeier who did a sassy cover of the song "Say Ah" by Trey Songz. She made a bold move by covering a rap song and used her creative juices to make it her own. The crowd roared with excitement as Tessa executed the song with great ease. 

This is an awesome way for students to show their talents while helping out the kids at Riley!

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