Rocking out on the roof of Buffa Louie's!


As my talented friend Tessa and I were recording a new video in an alley by Kirkwood, the owner of Buffa Louie's approached us and sat down to chat for a bit. After complementing Tessa on her voice and guitar playing skills, he had a different idea of somewhere for us to record. We walked around the corner to Buffa Louie's and he quickly fetched a ladder. Tessa proceeded to climb up the ladder to the roof of Buffa Louie's where the owner insisted she perform for the video. Not only did I catch some awesome footage for the video, but Tessa definitely rang in some business for the fantastic wing shop. 

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Leah TribbettStudent

Hola! My name is Leah Tribbett.

I am a Telecommunications major with a focus in Design & Production here at Indiana University.

You'll almost always see me with a video camera in hand filming whatever I can when I can. On this blog i'll be posting videos about my journey here at IU and the crazy shenanigans that go on.

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