Heeeeey Sexy Laaady!

The popular “Gangnam Style” video has gone viral in the last month. With that being said, I wanted to bring this epedemic to IU. Luckily for me, my T283 production class had a huge project coming up. I pitched the idea, and it was a hit. The class of fourteen of us began working quickly. Storyboards, scripts, shotlists, and lots of coffee took place during the pre-production.

We really wanted to do a spin off of the original video but put our own style to it.  We had a great response from our video from the students on campus, and even got our awesome Telecom teachers to take part.  

After 20+ hours of filming and over 30+ hours of editing, we finished our final product. 

Not only does this project showcase IU’s beautiful campus, but also shows the stimulating class we have in T283 and the fun projects the Telecom department let's you do!

Peace, love, and Gangnam Style, 

Leah Tribbett

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Leah TribbettStudent

Hola! My name is Leah Tribbett.

I am a Telecommunications major with a focus in Design & Production here at Indiana University.

You'll almost always see me with a video camera in hand filming whatever I can when I can. On this blog i'll be posting videos about my journey here at IU and the crazy shenanigans that go on.

Thanks for stopping by my page and I hope you enjoy my videos!