Hallway Shenanigans In The Dorm

One Bag. Four girls.

We found an oversized trashbag lying around the dorms, so naturally a few of us hopped in and the rest is history. As a Freshman, living in McNutt (Bocobo 200) has been such a blast. This video portrays a normal day for all of us on the floor. Enjoy!

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Leah TribbettStudent

Hola! My name is Leah Tribbett.

I am a Telecommunications major with a focus in Design & Production here at Indiana University.

You'll almost always see me with a video camera in hand filming whatever I can when I can. On this blog i'll be posting videos about my journey here at IU and the crazy shenanigans that go on.

Thanks for stopping by my page and I hope you enjoy my videos!