What to do in B-Town

As a college student, I find myself with loads of free time. If I'm not spending it studying or working out, I like to try new things and go new places around Bloomington and around campus. The following are a list of a few of my favorite places that I have gone so far and would highly recommend to others!

The Food

1. The Crimson Creamery- Here you can get a massive serving of ice cream with a variety of toppings, shakes, smoothies, gelato, banana splits- you name it! The best part? It's located right below Gresham Food Court on campus and you pay with your meal points!

2. The Runcible Spoon- This place has an awesome atmosphere and excellent food. I suggest their breakfast menu (served anytime of the day); I wouldn't consider thier breakfast traditional, but it sure is good! (P.S. check out the bathroom for a pretty neat surprise!)

3. Baked!- Fresh baked cookies exactly the way you want them!

4. Mother Bear's, Pizza X, BuffaLouie's- All are Bloomington staples. You're not a true Hoosier until you've visited each of these places at least once.... or twenty times.

5. Laughing Planet Cafe- The food is amazing; there is not one thing on the menu that I wouldn't eat! Plus they have many vegetarian and Vegan options!

On Campus Options

1. IU Art Museum- The art museum offers a wide variety of art and a whole lot of it! There are always special exhibits; go during a time when they offer an exhibit that interests you most!

2. IMU Bowling Alley- You can use Campus Access at the Back Alley and it is pretty cheap! It's convenient fun to do with friends on the weekends. Go after 8 pm when they have cosmic bowling!

3. Jordan Hall Greenhouse- The greenhouse is attached to Jordan Hall on 3rd Street. It's pretty cool seeing a wide variety of plants and greenery, especially during the winter when that is the closest thing you'll get to anything green for a while. 

Off Campus Options

1. Explore Downtown- Downtown Bloomington is such a fun place filled with yummy restaurants, quaint coffee shops, and cute boutiques and stores. Spend the day walking around and going to new places.

2. Bloomington Events-If there is nothing going on around campus, check out the Bloomington events page. Bloomington always has something going on whether it is the Lotus Music and Arts Festival, the seasonal farmer's market, a comedian at the Comedy Attic, or local bands at The Bishop. Experience something you've never done before. It's guaranteed to be a good time no matter what you do!

Short Road Trip Options

1. Indianapolis- Indy is only about an hour away and serves as a great day trip to go shopping, climb the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument, or explore the city.

2. Brown County- This state park offers so much whether you hike the gorgeous wooded trails, take a horseback ride through the forest, or enjoy the quaint artsy town of Nashville, IN.

Clearly there is no reason to be bored in Bloomington! There are so many options for fun and adventure, so take advantage of your time and try something new!

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