WeAreIU & Beyond: 7 Awesome IU Blogs You MUST Explore!

Here at WeAreIU, we are constantly working to cultivate quality content that is useful, informative, or entertaining for our students and their families. Local blogs are a great resource in helping students feel connected with the campus and the greater Bloomington community. They provide a quick, easy-to-read method for gathering information – and that convenience is important for a busy student lifestyle. 

We certainly aren’t the only game in town, though! Perhaps you’ve perused the official IU Bloomington Viewpoints blog. But did you know there are several other, possibly lesser-known, fantastic IU Bloomington blogs out there?

1. Art at IU 

Although important, there is more to life than studying! The university experience allows you to become a more well-rounded, cultured citizen. The Art at IU blog brings you news about the rich creative culture that permeates Indiana University, ranging from music and theater performances, film and art exhibits to lectures.

Indiana University’s Viking-in-residence is all in a Twitter about the arts in Bloomington
Arts happenings conjure Halloween spirit around the IU Bloomington campus

2. International Delegations: Office of the President 

You do know that Indiana University is so much more than this small 1,933 acres of land we occupy in Bloomington, right? In addition to providing leadership for Bloomington and our seven regional campuses, President Michael McRobbie frequently travels the world to build camaraderie across academia and provide access to new resources and partnerships for IU students, alumni, faculty and staff. It is pretty exciting to read about everything he is doing to represent IU to important leaders in government and education around the globe. Talk about Hoosier pride!

IU Goes to India
IU Goes to Africa

3. IU Health and Vitality 

Success as a student depends heavily upon how well you take care of yourself. The IU Health and Vitality blog will bring you news you can use from Indiana University experts in health, fitness, sexuality, sociology, psychology and even some tech tips!

Actress Glenn Close visits IU to help unveil the new U Bring Change 2 Mind bus campaign
New survey looks at attitudes, behaviors and challenges of LGBTQ singles

4. Kinsey Confidential 

In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey changed the world's understanding of human sexuality. Today, Dr. Sue Carter and the Kinsey Institute have a broader mission: investigating the science of love, its connection to sexuality, and their collective impact on our humanity. The Kinsey Confidential Blog is written by sexual health experts from the Kinsey Institute at IU, providing accessible, topical information based on current scientific knowledge, and sharing news and trends related to sex, gender and sexual health. Go ahead and check it out. 

Addicted to Love? Parallels Between Addiction And Romantic Love
The First HIV-Prevention Drug Is Available – Where Is the Buzz?

5. The Neal Marshall Black Cultural Center 

The Neal and Marshall Black Culture Center serves as a bridge connecting Indiana University to Black culture and has a storied history in supporting Indiana University’s efforts to recruit and retain Black students. The NMBCC facilitates programs and services to promote knowledge and awareness of the Black experience. The NMBCC is committed to academic excellence, providing students with relevant services, community building, and supporting the University’s effort to retain and recruit African American students. 

John Lewis Event Recording Now Available Online!!!!
Carrie Parker – first African American woman to enroll at Indiana University

6. Office of Sustainability 

The IU Office of Sustainability defines sustainability as “thriving within our means to achieve balance among environmental health, economic prosperity, and social equity”. This blog provides the IU community with practical tips, easy-to-understand information and eye opening facts that will cause you to think about how one person - or many people working together - can, indeed, make the world a better place. 

Making Sense of Green Product Labels
Say “I Do” to Eco-friendly Weddings

7. University Archives 

Have an interest in history? The Office of Archives and Records Management collects, organizes, and preserves records documenting Indiana University’s origins and development, as well as the activities and achievements of its officers, faculty, students, alumni and benefactors. The IU Bloomington Archives is the largest and most comprehensive source of information on the history and culture of Indiana University. You can find all sorts of interesting things in the Archives blog. The best part is, you never know what will surface, so there is a surprise every time!

IU Alumni Remember the Kent State Shootings
Recently Digitized – Robert F. Kennedy’s speech at the IU Auditorium, April 24, 1968

We hope you find at least a couple of these referrals to be of interest. IU is a special place and we are lucky to be a part of its great legacy. A steady literary diet of just a handful of these selected blogs is sure to deepen your IU roots and help you feel more connected to this legacy – from the past and into the future, here in Bloomington and across the globe. 

For more IU blogs, plus other fun stuff like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, check out this handy dandy list of all the social media sites at IU Bloomington!

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