Why Joining an LLC Changed my Life

Are you sitting out there debating on where you should live next year? I get it. The decision may be stressful considering you want to find a place that you will thrive in socially and academically. You want to choose a place that you can create that “home away from home” feeling no matter how far away you may be from. Let me share with you my experience of living in INSPIRE LLC and how it truly changed my life.

What is an LLC you may ask?

An LLC stands for “Living Learning Center” which means that you will live on a floor of a residential community and take classes within that community. I am currently in the INSPIRE LLC, which is a Living Learning Center for students interested in pursuing education as a career as well as for students who really want to make a difference in the world around them. The LLC is located in Rose Residence Hall and serves as a perfect location for the Woodlands dining hall and the School of Education. What more could you ask for?

What brought me to the INSPIRE LLC?

Last year, I was a freshman living in Teter, unsure of what to make of the big campus and where to get involved. I found it particularly challenging to meet people that expressed similar interests and morals as me, but I went through the year hopeful for the opportunities that Indiana University could bring me. Around February, I was searching online and discovered the INSPIRE LLC showcased on the School of Education website. Curious, I wanted to know more about what this LLC was and how I could benefit from it being an education major. I signed up for a tour of Rose Residence Hall that day and immediately felt like living in an education LLC is where I would belong after a year of searching for a place that I would fit in. I applied and got accepted, which was something that I was overjoyed about. I was already anxious about what sophomore year may bring as I knew that my experience would be one of a kind.

My experience this year in INSPIRE…

Summer began coming to an end and I suddenly became super nervous to come back to IU. My freshman year here wasn’t the greatest and I didn’t want to repeat all my stresses of the previous year. I kept telling myself, “Keep in mind that the INSPIRE LLC could be different. You may meet some amazing new friends!” So, I decided to come back to IU looking for a fresh start on a floor of predominantly education majors. From the moment I arrived, I knew that I felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming and greeted me with warm smiles. After having a not so great roommate last year, I was anxious to meet my suitemate, but I found out that who I was randomly paired with was the perfect match for me. She is always there to pick me up, provide encouragement, supply and endless amount of laughter, and ensure that our late night talks are well worth the lack of sleep we receive from doing so. Not only did I luck out with an amazing suitemate, but I also quickly learned that I was placed on a floor of fun-loving and diverse individuals. We are all so different in our own ways, but I have learned more from them than they probably even realize.

By being in an LLC, I also quickly realized that there is never a dull moment. Whether we are watching movies in the lounge or kicking back and doing homework, there is always something to do. During welcome week, we had a cookout to get to know each other, icebreakers, and ice cream socials. Throughout the year, we’ve also done events together such as cardio hip-hop at the SRSC, the JB5K Color Run, and a secret snowman. I was so worried originally that I would be sitting in my room bored on weekends, but that is not the case when you live in INSPIRE LLC. We created a warm and welcoming community that allows us to come together, share ideas, and grow off each other.

With time, the INSPIRE LLC has felt like a family to me as I have walked the steps of life with these people. We have embraced the struggles and joys together everyday. I don’t think my sophomore year would be quite the same if I hadn’t joined the INSPIRE LLC. This year has taught me that who I surround myself with determines the quality of my life and I know that this LLC has made me a better person. I can take what I’ve learned through this LLC and use it within my life to be the best future educator that I can be. If you are hesitant about where you want to live next year or in the future, I definitely recommend joining an LLC and your life will be forever changed! For more information on the INSPIRE LLC click here!

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