Moving In & Welcome Week in Bloomington, Blast Time Ever!

Hello all! Sorry it has been so long I've been busy because of school, yeah I know lame right? Well hate to break it to you but that's why we're here!!! Anyway, I wanted to share my move-in experience and what I did in Welcome Week!

Day One: Moving In
I moved in on Wednesday, the official moving day, to avoid extra charges on my bursar since money doesn't grow on trees! I was assigned to Forest, tower B with a girl I went to high school with! Toughest part of the day was saying goodbye to my puppy...I miss him so much. He's almost a year old and he was my little buddy! Definitely hard to say goodbye to him, but once I decided it was time to go, we packed all of my stuff into the back of the truck and we were off! The drive to Bloomington is roughly an hour so it wasn't too bad of a drive. Not gonna lie, Bloomington is not easy to navigate through when you have only been there a couple of times! Almost got lost on the way there! It's almost been a month and I almost know the town like the back of my hand! So don't worry about getting lost, it definitely makes sense, just hard to adapt to!

Once we got there, I got a cart to carry my stuff on, so much easier by the way, and went on up to the 8th floor! Turns out this is an all girls' floor, and I am not complaining! I definitely feel like our floor smells better than any of the guys' floors...just saying. It took around 3-4 trips if I can remember right to get everything up to my room! After I got my stuff up to my room, it took a long time getting everything organnized! My room has a huge closet and a nice built-in desk, as shown on the right, so I definitely had the room, just had no idea how to go about this. I was forced to take the top bunk, so there is my cute Victoria's Secret bedding and my Pillow Pets on the right!!! Another thing about my room...I LOVE THE VIEW. It completely fits in with the name of the building, it looks like I'm in the middle of a forest, which I'm not, but it's a nice allusion for a stressful day.

Welcome Week:

After moving in, I got to relax a little before our first floor meeting! It wasn't too exciting, our lounge wasn't open yet so we were all crowded in front of the elevators, which wasn't fun at all...and I really didn't remember anyone's names or faces from the first meeting. We're all friends now! For the most part anyway, but what can I say? Girls will be girls, but we can touch that subject another day! So Welcome Week had begun and a lot of little events were going on, and now I completely regret not taking enough pictures! I went to RecFest where I got an awesome neon SRSC shirt that I love, and another free shirt that was too big for me, don't worry I can make it work. The biggest and most exciting part of Welcome Week was the Spirit and Traditions at IU!!! I went with like four girls from our floor since no one even knew when we were leaving, and got a Forest shirt that was too big, and I already took care of that! So we took a crowded bus to Assembly Hall, which is awesome by the way, and waited to go inside. We were all divided by which dorms we live in and it was sorta like a competition. We were given white noise makers and that's all I could hear from there on out. We got inside and were singing to the songs that were playing to entertain us as all the freshman were flooding in. The whole thing was for us to learn the cheers and what-not for the athletic events, we also got to see THE Cody Zeller, and the freshman recuits who I imagine will be huge this season. The football team also came out and we got to see the marching hundred! It was a great experience the say the least. My favorite part was when they played "This Is Indiana," and everyone was singing along to it! I got chills because it was such an awesome moment.

So Welcome Week was awesome and I've had three weeks of classes. I'll talk about those in another post so this isn't too long, even though I feel like it was half way through it...oh well. I've settled in well, and I would like to think I have had a pretty good freshman experience so far, which makes me excited for the future. I didn't go to the first football game which was lame but I was home that weekend. I have season tickets so you will see me at the rest of the games for sure!!! I haven't gotten lost (yet) and I have not showed up late to any of my classes! Well I guess I can say I definitely love being a Hoosier, and if every day is as awesome as they have been, I am going to have a great experience here in Bloomington. I have a couple of exams coming up so I assume my view will change but that's okay! To close you can enjoy the picture my roommate took of my dorky self in front of my Forest tower! I promise that was a joke, so don't judge me too harshly :). So until next time, have a good one fellow Hoosiers!!!

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Hi Hoosiers! Lauren here, and ready to entertain and inform you guys! I'm a freshman studying business and also taking pre-requisites for optometry for grad school :). I have lived in Plainfield, Indiana my whole life...and yes it is VERY plain. I have always dreamed of attending IU and I am so excited to be here!  Being the same age as some of you can help because I'm sure we will all have those mental breakdowns and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We are all in this together, I mean come on...we are HOOSIERS and proud of it. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me a DM on twitter! I'm super nice and easy to talk to :).