Indiana University Fall 2012 Semester Only 18 Days, 21 Hours, and 55 Seconds!

I swear I haven't been counting down to move-in day, but I was curious. As an incoming freshman, a million things are running through my head every second! I am losing sleep over this! I have been staying up at night wondering what I need to buy last minute for my dorm room, what my dorm will look like, if my floormates will like me, and more pointless questions for 3AM. I have been finding ways to relieve SOME stress and feel a little better about this fall semester:

  • Meet people you will most likely have to see on a daily basis NOW! This has been made super easy thanks to social networking sites. I have used both Facebook and Twitter to help myself out.  The IU Class of 2016 page on Facebook has helped a lot, because everyone has been posting their room assignments to see if anyone is in the same building/floor as them. I have met three people that way in the last couple of days that I will be sharing bathrooms with! Talk about awkward. Twitter has been amazing as well. I followed a twitter made by a fellow freshman: @. I have met at least 30 people alone and everyone has been so nice! I met a girl I should be across the hall from because of it! Not going to lie, I'm so happy I have social networking to get rid of awkward meetings.
  • Go dorm shopping! (May only be helpful to girls, sorry boys!) If you're lucky like I am, and have a roommate that you can easily coordinate your room with a theme or color scheme. Naturally, we chose pink...don't judge. So we have gone to places like Target, Walmart, the dollar store(of course), and other cheaper stores for random things like laundry baskets and rain boots. Shopping just relieves any stress, and might as well be productive and work it to your advantage!!!
  • Talk to IU (or any college) Veterans! Lucky for me, I work with two IU students that will be sophomores. During downtime at work, we usually talk and always get on the subject of IU, can't help it I guess! They have filled me in on so many random things like what the dorms are like and where I should eat. It's a good thing to have current or past students to answer your questions and tell you things they wish they'd known as a freshman!

Well, those are the main things that have been keeping me from having a heart attack before school starts! I know I can't really give to much advice since I haven't actually done the whole "Welcome Week" and first week of classes yet...but I want to give you a peer's advice to help out some! Until next time, stay strong Hoosiers!

p.s. 18 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes, and 8 seconds now :)

About The Author
Lauren FeltnerYour Future Eye Doctor

Hi Hoosiers! Lauren here, and ready to entertain and inform you guys! I'm a freshman studying business and also taking pre-requisites for optometry for grad school :). I have lived in Plainfield, Indiana my whole life...and yes it is VERY plain. I have always dreamed of attending IU and I am so excited to be here!  Being the same age as some of you can help because I'm sure we will all have those mental breakdowns and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We are all in this together, I mean come on...we are HOOSIERS and proud of it. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me a DM on twitter! I'm super nice and easy to talk to :).