Hoosier Freshman Year: 8 Weeks Down, 24 To Go

Hi guys! I've been busy the last couple of weeks thanks to midterms and big exams, so I apologize for the lack of updates now! Fall Break is over, AKA a three-day weekend, and now I am back into the swing of things. I was afraid, coming in this Fall, that I would never get used to my schedule and always feel like a brand new student here in Bloomington. I'm glad to say that's not the case!

At this point, only 8 weeks in...I almost know every inch of campus and am very comfortable with getting around without any assistance! This gives me hope for the next 3 years here in Bloomington and possibly 4 more after that for grad school! I love Bloomington more and more on a daily basis. I have never appreciated Autumn as much as I do now!!! Mostly because the weather is almost always beautiful and easier to walk from class to class in a good mood thanks to IU's pretty campus! It has also helped with the stress and anxiety that midterms bring to the table, more than you can imagine!

Even if I'm still a freshman, I honestly don't feel like the stereotypical freshman that carries his or her lanard around their neck decked out in IU gear from head to toe! You wouldn't believe the things you learn and adapt to in the beginning of freshman year. It's obviously a completely different world than high school and I love it! I've visited my hometown a couple times since the year has started, and I never fail to miss my new home in Bloomington! It may not be for everyone, but I can honestly say I love Indiana so much!!!

When you are getting ready to leave high school for college, you hear from everyone that it isn't your best friends from high school that matter, that you will meet you life-long best friends in college. I can already attest to this! I have met my new best friend and we are as close as I have ever been with a friend! It's like we have known each other our whole lives, and I love it! In college it's important to remember that you need to be yourself, or you will not enjoy the crowd you're in! I am still super close with almost all the girls on my floor in Forest too, and they really are my second family! I can always look to someone for chemistry help and I have helped out my new friends with calculus without hesitation as well. I wouldn't pick a different floor if I could!

So, the main reason I decided to write this blog, is to prepare future student of IU of how much better it is compared to what you may think! Obviously it's going to be super exciting to be on your own with your peers and finally have freedom! Yes that is still awesome, but it is so much more than that! Freshman year, in my eyes...is the year that really makes the difference. We are forced to grow up whether we like it or not and we have responsibilities that some kids may have never had to deal with in the past! Also, if you are in a couple of weeks of your freshman year and you aren't really sure if you enjoy it...stick it out! Everyone has those moments, including me and a lot of my friends. It's natural to feel like you don't fit in just because this is a new experience but you have to remember that everyone is pretty much going through the same thing and is feeling the same doubts. You're not alone!!! I can't stress that enough, you may feel like you're all on your own...but you really aren't! Look around and you'll see how similar to people you are around are to you!

About The Author
Lauren FeltnerYour Future Eye Doctor

Hi Hoosiers! Lauren here, and ready to entertain and inform you guys! I'm a freshman studying business and also taking pre-requisites for optometry for grad school :). I have lived in Plainfield, Indiana my whole life...and yes it is VERY plain. I have always dreamed of attending IU and I am so excited to be here!  Being the same age as some of you can help because I'm sure we will all have those mental breakdowns and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We are all in this together, I mean come on...we are HOOSIERS and proud of it. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me a DM on twitter! I'm super nice and easy to talk to :).