Feeling Down? You're Not Alone, How To Cheer Yourself Up!

It's nearly been a month on campus, you start to miss your puppy, you see your floormates with their significant others, you start calling your parents daily...I think everyone goes through this. I have thought of a couple things to do on campus that might brighten your spirits a bit and make you feel better with your decision to pick the cream and crimson!

I think this may be the most important part of maintaining your high spirits. If you have a roommate, let them know how you're feeling! You may be surprised to know you are both feeling the same things. I think you can pretty much talk to anyone who will listen. Your RA may be another go-to when you just have something on your mind, unless you don't feel like they want to listen, you should feel comfortable with anyone you open up to.  If you're more closed off and like to keep things in, your best decision might be to call your mom or dad, or whoever in your life has a lot of influence on you. A good conversation with them might possibly make your day 100% better! I've tried it, it works for sure. The most important thing is to prevent keeping things inside, because little things can build up and end very, very badly.

2. Go on a walk, for a snack, just outside.
I am pretty sure it has been proven that walking around this campus can lift your spirits, or I may be making that up, oh well. As you've heard a million times, the Bloomington campus is one of the prettiest campuses many have seen. One thing, avoid construction because that might not help the cause. A couple hotspots to check out for a calming moment would be the Showalter Fountain, Sample Gates, or Dunn Meadow! Of course you could always go on an adventure and find your own favorite relaxation spot.

3. Hang around happy people!
I know it may sound lame to say that, but being around pessimistic people can only make things worse. Go out for dinner with some buddies from your hometown, or (well if you're a girl) have a nail painting party in your dorm room with your floormates, or just order pizza and chat all night. These people will impact you only in good ways so it's worth a shot!

4. (insert your favorite hobby/sport/activity here).
Last but not least, do what you love! I used to play soccer, like since I was 5, and I played a pick-up game in between Read and Wright and it was a blast. It really made me happy because it was so near and dear to my heart for so long, so naturally I have a good time. I'm sure you all have something you miss or haven't been doing as much since you got here like playing the piano, playing COD, or painting!

There really aren't any limits when it comes to something to bring your mood up, the most important thing is to know you are not alone! We are all pretty much in the same boat, so don't close yourself off from the world and expect things to get better. Put the matter into your own hands and get out there! Happiness awaits you, and yes that was meant to be super cheesy...maybe it even brought a small smirk out. Cheer up buttercup, and know you can get through this!
Well, until next time, enjoy Hoosiers!

About The Author
Lauren FeltnerYour Future Eye Doctor

Hi Hoosiers! Lauren here, and ready to entertain and inform you guys! I'm a freshman studying business and also taking pre-requisites for optometry for grad school :). I have lived in Plainfield, Indiana my whole life...and yes it is VERY plain. I have always dreamed of attending IU and I am so excited to be here!  Being the same age as some of you can help because I'm sure we will all have those mental breakdowns and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We are all in this together, I mean come on...we are HOOSIERS and proud of it. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me a DM on twitter! I'm super nice and easy to talk to :).