Balancing Your Double Life: Bloomington vs. Home Town

Hello all! It's been a minute since my last blog and I have been kinda clueless as to write about. I'm laying here in my bed back in Plainfield, Indiana dreading leaving my home town. Then I think to myself, "But Lauren...Bloomington is your home now!" You could easily say college students live a double life, and it's even more weight on our shoulders.

First we have our family in Btown and our real family at home. The girls in Forest 8B are essentially my family and I wouldn't change them one bit. We got close starting the with first weekend we were all in Bloomington, mostly because we were scared and intimidated by Bloomington. That didn't last long. We did everything together, and still do! Whether is dinner, a pick-up soccer game, or going to tailgate...we are together! Then I come home and I'm around kids and full grown adults which is a culture shock for a college student. I have to be less college-me and more of the high school-me. My step dad said to me that I'm not a kid anymore and it makes him sad...that was yesterday!!! I've been in college for how long now and he is just now saying this. My siblings drive me insane too! Not used to kids at all. College life is just so different than home life, it's hard to balance the two.

Second, we also have friends from home and friends at IU. I'm trying to mix the two but it just doesn't work. I mean I've made a really good friend that's coming to my house today and we are both going to Bloomington together, but that's as good as it's gonna get. My Plainfield friends will always be my friends from high school and my Bloomington friends will be my bridesmaids. I guess that is just how it works! It can be a challenge keeping up with your high school friends, because everyone is on their own doing whatever it is they do...maybe in another state. I only get to see them when I come home, which isn't often. I'm hoping we get close when winter and summer break come, but I feel like I never have to worry about losing my new friends, since we live together!!!

Lastly, the things you do for fun in Bloomington usually aren't the same you do at home. You can't just go tailgating at home for a high school football game! You also can't go out to eat with your family during a random night in the week while at IU! It's just hard to adjust to what you can or cannot do whether it be at college or at home. Then when you finally get adjusted, you're like me and like...let's go home! I don't know about you but I like my life to be a bit exciting.

The point I'm trying to make here, is that college life and home life are completely different...and it should be that way! It's how we grow up, and learn from bad mistakes when our parents are around. It's a good time, but you can't just have fun all the time, gotta do your webwork or type your paper too! Balance is key in college, so get used to it ASAP! You may be in order for a wake up call if you don't!

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Lauren FeltnerYour Future Eye Doctor

Hi Hoosiers! Lauren here, and ready to entertain and inform you guys! I'm a freshman studying business and also taking pre-requisites for optometry for grad school :). I have lived in Plainfield, Indiana my whole life...and yes it is VERY plain. I have always dreamed of attending IU and I am so excited to be here!  Being the same age as some of you can help because I'm sure we will all have those mental breakdowns and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We are all in this together, I mean come on...we are HOOSIERS and proud of it. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me a DM on twitter! I'm super nice and easy to talk to :).