The Greatest College (Week)end Ever

Take a break and Google "greatest college weekend ever." Results? Pages and pages of videos, articles, and blogs about the biggest week at IU, the Little 500.

In an effort to diversify my writing, I wasn't planning on mentioning Little 5 until the actual week of the event. However, I realize this is impossible when everyone's talking about it and I've been preparing since January (I'm at least 300 pages ahead in all my reading so I can enjoy the whole week).

If you're from Indiana, you've probably heard about the festivities leading up to what the week is all about: an intramural bike race. But it's so much more! Everything that is good and wonderful about Bloomington and IU culture is shoved into seven days of school pride, fun with friends, and spending more time outside than inside Wells.

IU students know how awesome and special Little 500 is, but we're not alone. This is the time of year most non-IU students swallow their pride and travel to Bloomington to try and soak up as much Hoosier hype they can since their school leaves them unsatisfied.

Rest up now because as of Thursday at 3:45, it's Little 500 time.

About The Author
Lauren McConnellClas of 2013 - English Major and Arts Management Certificate

I'm a student at Indiana University and am very involved on campus! I work as a copy-editor and reporter for the Indiana Daily Student and am an editor for Arbutus. I also have a press relations internship with IU Liberian Collections and am a committee chair for Independent Council, an organization for women interested in philanthropy in a social atmosphere. With all these experiences, I can't imagine spending my college years anywhere but Indiana!