I'm going to Copenhagen!

After a long day of classes, work, and meetings, I don't look forward to sitting down at my laptop to sift through a day's worth of e-mail about more work. However, yesterday I received the messagel I've been waiting for for months: I am officially accepted into the study abroad program of my choice and will be spending my summer in Copenhagen, Denmark! 

I've been blessed witht  the opportunity to travel my whole life, but I knew I always wanted the unique experience of living semi-permanently in a foreign country. I can't wait to meet the students I'll be traveling with and learn about all the things we'll get to do! There's a lot of work to be done in preparation for my May 23rd departure, but now when people ask the inevitable question "What are you doing this summer?" I can answer proudly that I'm spending it in Denmark.

About The Author
Lauren McConnellClas of 2013 - English Major and Arts Management Certificate

I'm a student at Indiana University and am very involved on campus! I work as a copy-editor and reporter for the Indiana Daily Student and am an editor for Arbutus. I also have a press relations internship with IU Liberian Collections and am a committee chair for Independent Council, an organization for women interested in philanthropy in a social atmosphere. With all these experiences, I can't imagine spending my college years anywhere but Indiana!