A Simple Guide to Little 500 and Making it to Class

Little 500 is upon us and amid the day parties and nightly activities, one may forget about school. Avoid losing your hard-earned GPA for one week of recreation with these simple survival tips.

1.  Be aware of attendance policies. Most teachers allow a certain number of excused absences with no questions asked. Don't use these in February just because you want to sleep in and watch Groundhog Day on TV.

2. Remember your commitment to class. First and foremost, we are students right now and going to class is our job. It's not just a free week.

3. But also give yourself some breather room. If you have a 95% in a class that meets until 6 p.m. on Thursday and the teacher doesn't take attendance, consider your options.

4. Know what activities you don't want to miss and what classes you can't miss. Try not go with the flow because before you know it, it's Friday and you still haven't been on campus.

Little 5 week is a blast and will fill your week up with everything but academics, but remember class is still happening.

About The Author
Lauren McConnellClas of 2013 - English Major and Arts Management Certificate

I'm a student at Indiana University and am very involved on campus! I work as a copy-editor and reporter for the Indiana Daily Student and am an editor for Arbutus. I also have a press relations internship with IU Liberian Collections and am a committee chair for Independent Council, an organization for women interested in philanthropy in a social atmosphere. With all these experiences, I can't imagine spending my college years anywhere but Indiana!