Why I haven't been blogging - Scheduling Tips! #top3

Hey Hoosiers!

So for those of you that read my posts, you may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while! This brings me to this post- General schedule planning! These tips aren't just for freshman, but for everyone who feels overwhelmed with their current schedule! 

This is especially important because in a few weeks you'll be planning for next semester!

By following these you can be productive and still have time for awesome Hoosier activities

Basically I want to give all of you some basic tips and tricks I've learned to acquire the best schedule for you!

1- YOU! First you have to think about what times you're most productive. Personally, I'm a major zombie anytime before 10 am. So, whenever possible I like to start after that. I have friends that are early birds and start at 8am! This is something you have to consider because the earlier you start the sooner you are done. I personally don't mind being done in the late afternoon but its all personal preference. Don't sign up for a 9am class with a friend if you don't feel productive at that time! You want to be awake and focused for class and its way more interesting when you aren't half asleep. (This also prevents skipping class!!) Who doesn't want to save their absences for Little 5?

2. BALANCE! I was just talking to one of my best friends this morning about her balance of higher and lower level classes. I know a lot of freshman probably aren't considering 300 level courses, but if there is one that you think you can manage and have time for in your schedule, I would SUPER MEGA STRONGLY recommend it. I took 1 each semester last year and it helped me so much! It helps you understand what will be expected of you later on in college and it allows you to avoid the "Oh I'm a senior and have a million research papers due" fear. I try to put at least 1-2 high level courses per semester to help maintain balance. 

3. BE HAPPY! Don't overload yourself with boring lectures and labs. Obviously take what you need to but if you can afford to fit in a HYPER class or "history of Rock'n'Roll, try it! Its fun to explore your interests and it might even spark an idea for a major if you need one or a minor or certificate you could get! Besides, it will help you balance a stressful course load. 

So those are my top three tips for planning! 

I hope to see some of you Hoosiers at Glowfest! (BIG GIGANTIC IS MY FAVORITE!)

I'll write one of my typical concert posts soon so be on the lookout! 

Good luck scheduling!


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