Where I've been and why you should go there too! IU Study Abroad

Long time no see Hoosiers! It's been ages since my last post- I've been crazy busy with finals and having the most amazing experience studying abroad! I decided I needed to tell my fellow Hoosiers what an amazing experience this is and am strongly encouraging everyone that can study abroad to try it! 

I'm in the summer 6 week study abroad Florence, Italy trip and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! There's a group of 30 or so and were all living together in a little hotel and seeing so much of Italy I don't even know where to start! 

Well here are the basics- 

I've been here since the Saturday after finals week- (pretty cramped week but so worth it!)

I'm staying in a little Italian hotel with around 30 other IU students ranging from incoming sophomores (like me) to kids who will be graduates after this program.

We take classes Monday- Thursday (I'm taking drawing, S200, and Renaissance, M234) Some kids are also taking Italian language. 

We get to travel on the weekends! This means Rome, Venice, Assisi, Amalfi Coast, Bologna, Sienna and some of the group went to Paris and Budapest! So basically we have free reign over all of Europe. Euro trip anyone? :)

We've explored the nightlife to the fullest as well! There are discotheques all over the city which are so awesome to go dancing in. We go out most nights as a group and have amazing food and meet amazing people and have brought a little IU to every place that we go. I am having more fun than I ever thought I could have and its amazing knowing that you can feel at home in another country and become a local in such a short time. 

I know this isn't very detailed but I'll post a link to some more info and pictures soon! I STRONGLY recommend that everyone tries to go abroad even if it is just for a short time like 6 weeks. If you're applying/getting ready to start college, just know that IU has an amazing abroad program and its a life experience that you'll never forget! 

Well, I'm off to grab some pizza and gelato but I hope B-town is doing well and all my Hoosiers are having epic summers! 



The group- 


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