The coolest post you'll ever read! #Cody Zeller

Well here it is, my first post on WeAreIU! Coolest thing you've ever read, right? Well, my name is Lauren Cornell (my friends call me Lo) and I'm Fresh Meat here at IU. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and currently alternate between the city and the burbs when I'm home. Thanks to trying a little too hard in High School I am technically a Sophomore, but who's counting? 

This is a picture of me with basically the smallest amount of school spirit I've ever worn. And it was taken in my super messy dorm room in BRISCOE! <--the coolest dorm on campus. Floor 6 represent!

I'm OBSESSED with this school. I'm that kid wearing the red pants and the red frames with red Beats and a red iPod. School spirit is what I do. I only applied to IU during my college search and it was the best decision of my life! The fact that I live on the same floor as CODY ZELLER (<- shameless name dropping) is pretty cool I guess...

Some other info about me would be...

-I'm a Studio Art Major hoping to recieve my BFA! I'm currently in the College of Arts and Sciences

- I am studying abroad this summer in Florence, Italy to take drawing and italian classes. 

- I am Gluten free. This means, yes, I cannot eat Pizza X. That was probably the saddest discovery of my time here so far but I think I'll survive :) I hope...

-I am a huge foodie! This means I will be posting about all of the delicious resturants that I discover while I am a student here! <-- These posts will be influenced by graduates of IU that have recommended only the best places to eat on campus!

-I love music! Of all kinds! I will post about upcoming shows and music events that I think all of you should try to attend! First off being LITTLE 500! Every student at IU should attend all Little5 events simply because its the greatest event ever held. Ever.

Thats about it for now! Feel free to contact me on Facebook (/thinkunique2009), Twitter (Cornpopz8), Tumblr (/laurencornell), Linkedin or basically any other website you can think of!

Keep an eye out for the next post. 



About The Author
Lauren CornellStudio Art Major

Hey Hoosiers :)

My name is Lauren Cornell and I LOVE IU!! I am a Studio Art Major headed (hopefully) in the direction for BFA. When I'm not living in the studio you can find me at football and basketball games and of course tailgates!!!

I am also an avid concert goer so if youre looking for places to go and concerts to see, you should keep a lookout for my posts! 

I'm also involved in INPIRG which is a club to help with voters projects, sustainability and hunger and homelessness issues in Bloomington and the country.

Feel free to add me on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media website.

Hope to see you hoosiers around campus!