Seriously you guys need to chill the ____ out. #midterms

Holla at my Hoosiers! 

So you may be asking, "Hey Lo, why are you telling me to chill the ____ out?" 


So if you guys, like myself, are going absolutely crazy with these weeks of testing madness listen up! If you're one of those "special people" who are done with testing already you can listen up for recovery ideas. 

So here are my top 3 ideas to relax and kick back without completely screwing your grades. 

1- GET SOME FRIENDS- Hanging out with people that you like is an instant way to relax! Gather up your group and hang out at somebodys place (dorm rooms work too), or a park, or maybe even somewhere you haven't been! Venting about your tests and "evil" profs will help take a load off. You guys can even go out to dinner! I suggest My Thai on 4th street to check out because its sooooooooo yummy. 

2- GET BAKED- No, this is not me saying go do drugs, this is me saying go get cookies! While you're hanging with your old, or new, friends. Think about ordering these delicious cookies. Or if you're trying to keep the Freshman 15 off, grab some healthy snacks. You've probably been cramming like a madman and your brain probably hates you for it. So get some protein (peanut butter cookies totally count) and some vitamins and some water to keep that body nourished! 

The number is 336-BAKE (just incase it isn't already saved in your phone)

3- GTFO- Outdoors, that is. Fresh air makes the brain relaxed and able to think clearer because of an increase in oxygen intake. (How smart do I sound?) Also exercise releases endorphins! So get out and get moving to make your body happy healthy and relaxed. Another great activity to do with friends! Think about taking a walk instead of the bus or car, getting in touch with nature in Dunn Meadow or even walking over to the crazy preacher man outside Ballentine that everyone seems to be loving. 

Don't be this guy:

So there they are, not too challenging right? 

I hope all of you are staying as stress free as possible and remember you still have half of a semester to make up for whatever fallouts you may have had grade wise! 

Best of luck with testing and see you guys at the tailgate!

Much love, 


P.S. I hope all of you registered to vote!!!!!! 

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