Planning a Vacation- College Style


So, I know everyone is coming back from hopefully an AMAZING Spring Break 2012 and already can't wait for next year. But, after planning my Spring Break without my parents help for the first time and having an incredibly successful trip, I figured I should share some tips! (I took that picture on the plane!)

Before I even start this, remember to plan EARLY! Rates are cheaper, flights are cheaper and you have WAY more options. 

First off, FIND A GROUP! You want to go with people that you will have a blast with and that will work together well. For me, this year it was just my boyfriend and I but it could be a group of 15 of your closest friends! Remember to consider everybody's age and what that will enable them to do or not to do (i.e. drinking age, if you need to rent a car, if you want to go dancing). You have to figure out what works best for you.

Brendon (my boyfriend) and I (our group!)

Second, HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE IT RAIN? Otherwise known as a budget. This is really important for college students because everyone has a price range that they need to keep. It isn't fair to plan a trip and make someone go over their budget. Everyone has a different financial situation and you should get together with your travel group and set a non- changeable limit! Do you want to attend events or clubs? Do you want to go shopping? Do you want an all-inclusive (YES YOU DO)? These are all things you should discuss with your group!

COCO BONGO! This is the nightclub that The Mask (where Jim Carrey turned into the crazy green guy with the yellow suit) was filmed in and it was incredible! (This was the only additional thing we spent money on)

Third, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Do you want to go visit a city and see the sights? Or perhaps hit the powder and go on a skiing/ snowboarding trip? Or do you want to get out of the (usually) horrible winter and hit the beach? This is a very important decision because where you go strongly affects what you can do!   

Our hotel! The Gran Porto Royal

Now, you have your awesome group and know how much you can spend and you're picking out your ski goggles or snorkel mask from the back of your closet. But, you still need to do a lot of things before you can get there!

We decided we wanted to go somewhere tropical and for us the most cost efficient place was Mexico. I looked up safe places to go (important!!) online for a few hours. We decided on Playa Del Carmen  (, it's about an hour south of Cancun and I strongly recommend it! Then, I found a reliable travel agency using a lot of reviews and hotel recommendation websites. We booked through and they were amazing and super helpful! 

Before leaving we made sure to pack everything we needed including chargers and clothes incase the weather changed, make COPIES of our passports and itinerary just in case something happened to the originals, and give someone we trusted (parents) our information on how to reach us in case of an emergency, and of course, brought our camera!!!

These things are all very important to have a safe and AWESOME trip! 

Because of planning our vacation like this, we were able to have a great time and enjoy the city of Playa Del Carmen! We didn't have to worry about paying for anything when we got there and everything was already planned out. 

I hope all of you had an AWESOME SPRING BREAK 2012! And remember to keep these tips in mind for next year!


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