OMNOMNOM- aka the best places to go eat in B-town

So here you are- your parents are visiting and this is your chance to get out of the food court and eat some real grub. Heres my list of favorite places to eat with friends and family!! 

So, fancy first! 


I only discovered this little gem this year but let me tell you, I'm addicted. Its a locally supported restaurant that serves up different fresh and local food! They are known for awesome brunch and the gigantic bowl of garlic fries that you'll see on almost every table. I would say everything is good here and they have a lot of Veggie/Gluten free options which is great! Its located pretty close to the square on Kirkwood. 


2- Malibu Grill- A Chicago girls dream

So being from Chicago- we have a lot of steakhouses. And they are delicious. This is one of my favorite places to go out for Birthdays or special events when my parents come into town. They have delicious entrees and salads and the sides should be endless. I mean really. I could eat their mashed potatoes for days. I would recommend making a reservation because there is usually a wait around dinner and ESPECIALLY on parent friendly weekends. 


And for the more casual dining experience...

3- Runcible Spoon- if you haven't been here and you're a student, you're doing it wrong. 

This place. I cannot even gather words for its greatness. Go here for breakfast but be prepared to wait in a very long and friendly line. You'll probably see half of your friends with their parents here because its a must see. They have awesome breakfast- I like the omelets and wicked good potatoes (think hash browns but bigger pieces instead of shredded) Also- its a really cute place to go and the patio seating is nice if the weather permits. 


4- Darn Good Soup- I eat here way too much if were being honest. 

So this is a place that you don't need your parents to go to. Its inexpensive, delicious and did I mention delicious? My favorite is the chili because its Gluten free and amazing. But they change up the menu daily. They always have vegetarian and vegan options and all soups are delicious. Go here with your friends or parents for lunch and you will not regret it. Its on the square next to the new bar "The Tap".


So that is HARDLY all the best restaurants in B-town- this town knows whats up when it comes to food. But those are my top four. Check 'em out and let me know what you thought via social media! 

Bon Appetit! 


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