Need to rage? Check this out!

For those of you that are still in Spring Break mode and need an outlet to let loose, here are some upcoming concerts and events that would be awesome to go to! This post only goes through March, but I will post another towards the beginning of April!

I'm going to list these in the order that they are happening (just so you know)

March 19 (Monday)

Who? BORGORE ( <--Check out his sound!

What? A Dubstep DJ hailed from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Where? Bluebird Nightclub a 21+ venue that is well known for hosting some of the most popular concerts to come to Bloomington! Located at 216 North Walnut Street

When? 9 p.m.

How Much? $18 with a $3.50 service charge if you buy through

March 23 (Friday)

Who? Scissormen ( <-- Check out their sound!

What? A Psychedelic, Garage, Blues, Indie band from Nashville, TN

Where? Players Pub  424 South Walnut Street. They have pool and are proud of the food they serve so check it out! This show is 18+

When? 8 p.m.

How Much? $7

March 29 (Thursday)

Who? Porter Robinson ( <-- You know what to do

What? A 19, yes 19 year old Electro/House DJ from Chapel Hill, NC (This is funny because you have to be 21+ to get in) 

Where? Bluebird Nightclub

When? 9 p.m.

How Much? $27.25 (unless you have them delivered or pick them up at the show)

March 31 (Saturday)

Who? Dot Dot Dot ( <-- C'mon just click it

What? A Pop/ Rock band from my hometown CHICAGO!

Where? Bluebird Nightclub (look at Borgore for info)

When? 10:30 p.m.

How Much? Not sure, keep an eye out!

Well I hope those of you who can will try to attend some of these! I saw Porter Robinson at Congress in Chicago and he was awesome! Have fun, and party on!


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