Looking Back On My First Little 500

Well, its over! The most anticipated week of my first year at IU has come and gone. But let me tell you, it will NEVER be forgotten. 

I expected Lil5 to be a week of madness and arrests and tickets and having my car towed. And, thankfully, it was NONE of those things. Well, maybe some madness! It was a week of being with my friends, meeting awesome new people, and sharing a tradition that could only happen at IU.

The week started with Afrojack on Wednesday and Tiesto on Thursday. Both shows were epic! I'd have to say that Afrojack wasn't run very well but it didn't matter once the show started. Tiesto was all around unbelievable! I saw a bunch of my friends and we all had a great time together. 

The weekend was a lot of fun and it all closed with the Men's Little 500 bike race. Even though I'm not involved in the Greek system, I'm really happy that I went. A big group of my friends from my floor all went together and I had no idea what to expect. But, when two people jump out of an airplane while Straight No Chaser is singing for our country and those two men land perfectly on the race track, you know its going to be a good race. This craziness was followed by another performance and finally the warm-up laps. Honestly, all you need to know is that the rest of the race was awesome. 

For those of you thinking about coming to school here, I would say it would be the best decision of your life. Being with great people in a great place and making epic memories is something I really wanted to have in my college experience, and I got it all



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