Let the games (almost) begin...WELCOME WEEK at IU #realtalk

So for all of you incoming freshman I'm sure you have heard the rumors about the legendary, famous, most anticipated week of first semester.... WELCOME WEEK!

This is a two part post so please read all of it! :) (it'll help you out I promise) also I apologize ahead of time if this post is intense but I wish someone told all of this to me!! 

A picture from the spirit assembly!

Now, I'm not going to give you a lecture on substance abuse because I'm just going to assume you are all responsible under aged college freshman.....

But- Here are my tips on getting through and still making it on-time and prepared to your classes Monday

1. ACTUALLY go to all of the events your RA has planned for you. This includes going to Assembly hall for the spirit Assembly and learning all of the chants and cheers for games (this is a must have skill for college). Also, other events you may have that will help you get to know your floor. I went to all of the events with my floor even though some of them sounded lame and boring, but let me tell you, they were awesome and my floor was like a second family by the time classes actually started. 

2. Make sure your room is all put together before the weekend. This can cause a lot of stress if you're still organizing and putting away when everyone else is done and wants to hang out. Plus, you really don't want to be moving in while managing all of your new college classes. 

Be impressed- 

3. WALK THROUGH YOUR CLASSES. Do this 10 times if you have to. Seriously. Get a map and be dorky for a day with your roommate and walk around campus to find out where all of your classes are. Walking in 30 minutes late because you forgot about all the stairs in Ballentine hall will be not only tiring but you don't want to miss out on syllabus day (the best day of the semester) and you want to see how much time to allow between your classes.

4. You don't need to get all of your books. I know this isn't what your parents want to hear but some teachers want you to buy tons of books and some of them you wont really use. This is really up to the individual but I like to go through my first day and see what I need to get now, what I can get later and what I don't really need to get. Especially for those of you buying your own books putting off that 300 dollar bio book until you actually start to need it can be a little friendlier on the wallet. 

5 More about books. Buy them used or rent them if you can it saves LOADS of money. Having a brand new untouched book doesn't make you look cool. 


CONGRATS! You no longer live with your parents- but that doesn't mean you need to get irresponsible about going out. 

1. DO NOT EVER NEVER NO MATTER WHAT get a drinking ticket. I never got one my freshman year so neither should you. If you personally decide that getting involved with the party scene is for you, be responsible. Know your limits and don't act like a fool when your walking around. This is not only the best sign of "look at that freshman" but if the police see you it'll be bad and ruin welcome week. Also your wallet.

2. Go out in groups of at least 3. I know you feel independent and cool but getting lost isn't fun especially if you're a girl. So bring your friends along and hopefully someone with a smartphone and look up where your going and walk together. It'll be not only safer but its always more fun to go out with a group. 

My roomies and I all decked out! We always had at least us three when going out :)-

3. Watch your stuff. I'm not saying don't trust anyone because this campus is filled with the most amazing people I have ever met. But make sure if your 400$ phone is on you, its somewhere that you can feel it or for the ladies, zip up your purse. 

Now that I've probably terrified you please remember that college is not only about classes and getting good grades, but about having fun and meeting new people and loving Indiana University. If you follow all my tips for Welcome Week you'll be in great shape and have the time of your life with no tickets or calls to your parents to worry about. So be safe, have the time of your life, and take lots of pictures! Because you only start college once. 

Much love and good luck!


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