Study abroad-Florence

For the second semester of my junior year I decided to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  Study abroad programs are a huge part of college life at IU as many students choose to study abroad all over the world.  I am in Florence through an IU program called CAPA.  This program is also located in several other countries.  I'm taking five courses abroad, all of which transfer back to IU (16 credit hours): watercolor art, renaissance art history, Italian language, Italian cinema, and cross-cultural psychology.  These classes fit perfectly into my schedule because, although they don't count towards my major (Speech and Hearing-audiology), they count for my necessary elective credit hours.  I have loved my classes abroad so far and have also loved traveling.  So far I have traveled to Chianti, Interlaken, Paris, Venice and Verona.  I have many more trips planned during the remainder of my semester abroad but I look forward to heading to IU's campus when I return in May.

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