IUBB Goes to Florence, Italy

It’s sad to say, Hoosier fans, that the IUBB season has come to an end.  However, we couldn’t have asked for a better season.  Campus was a free for all when we beat Kentucky, which goes to show our level school pride and college culture.  As I’m studying abroad in Italy, the game on Friday night vs. Kentucky didn’t air until the middle of the night and yet the bars (the only place we can watch TV) in Florence were packed with IU fans.  We stayed up past 5:00 am watching our Hoosiers.  Of course we’d all love it if we had beaten Kentucky for the second time around, but it was a great game nonetheless.  The one thing I missed by studying abroad was watching the Hoosiers improve in Assembly Hall and I can’t wait to watch our team dominate next season!
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