Involvement on Campus

I was thinking the other day about what my favorite IU memory is.  I came to the conclusion that being a fan at sporting events was my favorite part of being a student at IU.  Of course when people think about college sports, the first to come to mind is usually football or basketball.  However, there are so many other sports and also activities besides sporting events that are great to support.  For instance, I went to a men's hockey game and couldn't believe how rowdy our fan section was--the place was nuts and so much fun.  The same goes for women's volleyball.  The fans were extremely enthusiastic and I felt a huge sense of school spirit and pride as I stood with the other hundreds of students supporting our volleyball team.  An example different from sporting events is theater.  I was involved in theater during my freshman year at IU and I went to several different plays.  It was a change of pace from being a fan at a sporting event and they're super inexpensive as well.  Being a student at IU is all about being involved; this doesn't mean that you should play every sport or be a member of every club, but supporting different groups and seeing what's out there has definitely benefited my experience at IU.  The more you become involved and support IU, the more you'll realize that IU has so much to offer.  You may even end up on an ad on a campus bus like I did: (that’s me in the middle, both arms raised)

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