Recruitment at IU - Sorority Rush

Recruitment is a very stressful time for everyone invloved, but I have to say, it's also very rewarding.  

I rushed this year because I wanted to find a way to get more involved on campus, and also find a strong group of friends and sisters.  Being a first generation college student, and therefore a first generation to try the Greek system, I was really nervous going in.  But after last night, I'm sure I made the right decision.  

I'm now a part of Theta Phi Alpha. 

Even though TPA is an unhoused sorority at IU, I know that I'm going to have such a great time with my soon-to-be sisters. 

Recruitment is a scary and unsure process, but I've met so many people and gained so many new skills that I know it's been worth it!

I can't wait to get to know all of my new sisters, and get to take part in a very exciting part of IU's Greek life.

About The Author
Laura SchulteJournalism Major


I'm Laura, a freshman from the small farming town of LaPorte, Indiana.

I'm a direct admit to the School of Journalism, majoring in journalism, of course.

I hope to be as involved as I can around campus, both through student organizations and the IDS.