Student Blogger Training Session

Hey there, student bloggers and future bloggers!

We are super excited to see this new school year start for Last spring we got this show started. All summer long it has been building up some momentum. Now, we are ready for it to blow up!

Whether you have been blogging all along or you are a rookie, you will want to come to one of these sessions. We are going to be talking about some great new stuff that we are rolling out on the site and we will be sharing ideas, tips, and best practices that you can use to make your posts as successful as possible.

In an attempt to accomodate all of your class schedules, we are offering these sessions on Wednesday, September 5th and Thursday, September 6th in the Sassafras Room of the Union Building. We will have five sessions each day. You only need to attend ONE session. The material covered will be the same for all sessions.

Please sign up on the form below so we know who is attending and how many we will have for each session. Also, please be sure to share your suggestions for any items you want to make sure we cover in the training sessions.

BTW, if you haven't joined the Student Bloggers Facebook Group yet, be sure to submit a request to join.