Indiana University Residence Halls

IU Freshmen: Worried About What Dorm You Are Placed In? You Won't After Reading This.

The good news is, if you have a question, the kid next to you is probably wondering the same thing.  And the better news is, if you ask me, I’ll tell you everything I know.  Lately a lot of 2016 freshman have been asking for my opinion on dorms. 

This is not the freshman orientation version of the...

IU Housing and Roommates: Your Guide to Choosing Where to Live and Who to Live With

To all of you people that think you will have a terrible freshman year if you do not live in the Northwest Neighborhood, you are wrong. You get to pick a neighborhood, but not the dorm you live in. Here's how this dorm thing breaks down for freshmen:

  • Briscoe - Briscoe was...
The Freshman Guide: Picking Your Dorm/Neighborhood

First of all, I would like to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS ! If you're reading this you've most likely made up your mind and decided to go to IU ! ( Woop Woop) I remember that day like yesterday ... ahh. But back to business.

Indiana University is composed of 4 neighborhoods : Northwest...
Teter Quad Residence Hall (Dorm Review) - My Home Away from Home

Indiana University Bloomington is a public research university located in southern central Indiana. Home to the Hoosiers, some nationally recognized schools like Kelley (business) and Jacobs (music), and known for its men's basketball program, it's also one of the most beautiful college campuses in...

IU Residence Halls - Union Street Center Review

Hello everyone!

We're reaching the end of the semester and it's gone so quickly! As the end of the semester approaches, so does the decision of choosing where to live. I'm living in Union Street Center this year and wanted to give you a review! Hopefully this will help you in your decision!

"The Virgin Vault" Wright Quad at Indiana University

"The Virgin Vault" was the name I came across reading through the comments of other Wright Quad newbies on our Facebook Group page:

Someone: "I live in Todd 12-302, where is that!?"

Someone else: "Me too!"

Someone else: "Yea, I think ours is the all girls building.."

Someone else: "I heard they call you...

A Quick Glance at Foster and Wright Dorms at IU

Here it is, the long awaited dorm experience from yours truly. To start off, I had two very different experiences in the dorms. I don't know how helpful this will be, but here you have it. I'll go chronilogically so you can follow. =]

First semester, I stayed in Foster-Magee with a roommate who...

Foster Dorm Review: The Best Parts of Foster Quad

Hi all,

This will be my second year living in Foster, so here are a few pros and cons and inside info about living in Foster quad. 

What: Foster quad, one large building (Harper) and four small ones (Martin, Magee, Jenkinson, Shea)

Where: Northwest neighborhood, on Fee Lane right behind the Kelley...

So You're in Forest (and maybe on an Honors Floor) - Forest Dorm Review - Indiana University

Welcome, incoming Freshman! 

   By now you probably know what dorm you live in and what floor you're on.  And good news-if you're in Forest (bonus points if you're on an honors floor), you're reading the right post. And since you're probably spending most of your time trying to cram everything you...

Don't Hate on Forest Dorm at Indiana University Bloomington

Hey all! Just wanted to throw my two cents in about living in the dorms. I lived in Forest my freshman year and I'm here to tell you that it is not what everyone makes it out to be! Once I got my placement I was really weary about living so far from the stadium and the dorms in Northwest that are...

COLLINS Dorm Review at IUB

*It is probably too late to say this because by now, the class of 2016 already has their dorm assignments.*

But read this very, very carefully... DO. YOUR. DAMN. DORM. RESEARCH. Or I hope you did!

That was the biggest mistake I made in my decision of dorm for my freshman year. I lived in Collins. I...

Living in Teter? Lucky you! - Teter Dorm Review

Hello! It's been a while since I posted a blog, but the school year is just around the corner.

Freshman, you have most likely received your housing assignments by now. Exciting, isn't it?

Living in Teter? Consider yourself lucky. Here's why:

1. PRIME LOCATION. Teter is centrally located on...

McNutt Dorm Review - Indiana University

It has been a while since my Freshman year at IU, but the memories of living in a dorm room seem like just yesterday.

Coming to school I decided to live with an acquaintance from my high school in the Northwest neighborhood. We ended up in McNutt Dejoya room 117!

We had heard mixed things about it...

Indiana University Dorm Review - McNutt Dorm Review
Mcnutt Dorm Review at Indiana University Bloomington

Last year as a freshman I lived in McNutt, which is located in the Northwest part of campus. I know a lot of incoming freshman are probably worried about whether or  not they made the right choice about where to live, so I thought I'd help out by...

Turning An IU Dorm Room Into A Home

(What my room looked like right after I moved in. It's changed a little since August.)

Willkie South Tower has been my home since August, and it's bittersweet I have to move out soon.

I got my official move out prep letter yesterday and I realized just how much I'll miss my dorm.

It took awhile for my...

But I Don't Want To Live In A Dorm

So for this week's post, I've deciding to talk about dorm life and the many rumors that are commonly heard. Recently, I have been feeling pretty nostalgic about my freshman year and thought that this would be a great place to relive those memories! 

For decades, dorm life has been a part of college...

FOUR Essential Dorm Foods

Hoosiers! Do you love food? I know I do. Here is a short list of four essential food items one must have while living on campus in a residence hall.

  1. Beef Jerky: Fills you up, but costs quite a bit to buy from a grocery store or gas station.
  2. Granola bars: Quick snack when your in a rush to get...
Best RPS Dining Facilities to TRY!

Welcome Hoosiers! I just wanted to share with you all a short list of my favorite campus dining facilities to eat at here on the Bloomington campus.

  1. Union Street Market: This dining facility is located in the Central Neighborhood in Union Street - Cedar Hall which is between Ashton and Eigenmann....
Wright Breakfast

After an especially hard morning practice, there is nothing I look forward to more than a delicious Wright breakfast. Wright, one of the dorms in the Central Neighborhood, is in my opinion the best place to get your breakfast fix. Whether you're grabbing a breakfast buddy on the way to class...

A Weekend to Remember, a Living Learning Community to Call Home

Hello, hello,

This weekend has been quite an eventful one. I just got back from the Windy City, about 4 hours northwest of my current blogging location!

The trip was put on by the Global Village, the dorm I live in here at IU. It is one of the many living learning communities that IU offers to...